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Most Unique and Innovative Gapping Wedges Available For Pipefitters and Welders!

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“Thank you guys for such an awesome and useful product. They’ll be in my toolbox for years to come”
Brad Jackson
“The stepped wedge is awesome!! Besides setting the gap on pipe fit up I used it numerous times..."
Bob Maday
"Our gaps have gotten 10 X better and I do not have to open up as many gaps before rooting anymore..."
Scott Raabe
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Stepped Wedge & Gauge™

Using the Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ allows fitters to quickly set a consistent gap while eliminating internal misalignment.

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Spatter Proof Wedge™

The Spatter Proof Wedge™ repels droplets better than traditional wedges while lasting three times longer.

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Introducing a better tool to get the job done

The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ helps pipe fitters and welders get an accurate gap and a faster, higher quality fit-up. Use it for all vertical and horizontal scenarios including pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting and fitting to fitting connections, in fact for every fit-up imaginable.

The Stepped Wedge & Gauge keeps QA/QC and your client satisfied because they will know that your welding is being executed at the highest standard possible.

The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™

Is the Most Convenient and Practical Fit-up Tool You Have Ever Used!

  • Hardened Stainless Steel means exotic pipes stay contamination free
  • Tempered 400 series Stainless Steel makes this tool hard and extremely durable
  • Two tools in one – A wedge and gauge
  • Full line of sight during fit-up
  • Hole allows for fall protection with tool lanyard & emergency wedge extraction
  • Welders and pipe fitters can fit pipe up to 50% faster
  • Eliminates wasted gap rods during fit-up
  • Maintains a healthy working relationship between the client, quality control and tradesmen knowing weld procedure is being followed
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